November 18, 2019

How To Set ROAS Targets In Your Facebook Ad Account

Unsure what ROAS target best suits your business objectives?
Image showing bidding strategy for ads on Facebook and setting target ROAS
  • Why a high ROAS can actually create opportunity cost and stunt your brand’s growth.

  • How to calculate your break-even ROAS based on COGS, VAT, agency fees, payment Processing/merchant fees and more.

  • How to calculate ROAS targets on prospecting + remarketing to your account-wide ROAS. Resources used in this video: (Feel free to use them, it’s on the house!)

Enjoyed this video? We hope it gave you some insight into setting ROAS targets for your account.

Want some extra help implementing this for your brand? We offer FREE Facebook ad audits to brands who qualify. We’ll dive deep into your account and diagnose exactly where to unlock scale in your account. Interested? Fill the form down below

In this video, we explain how to tie in margins, cash flow position, and customer LTV to set the best ROAS target:

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