Worldwide, Remote | Full-time
Who are we?

We do things a bit differently.

There’s no corporate nonsense, no old-fashioned hierarchy, and definitely no micro-management (we’re not a fan!).

We’re a start-up marketing agency of 25 people based in the heart of Birmingham. We’re open for you to be in-house, remote or a hybrid of both!

What we do?

We work with e-commerce brands around the world from Malta to Malaysia, helping to grow their businesses through creative-led and data-driven social media marketing campaigns.

We work with multiple 7 and 8-figure brands from a colourful variety of sectors including health, beauty, sportswear, fashion, kids' toys and more.

The role?

As a Copywriter, you would be flexing your linguistic prowess to produce words that sell products for our clients. Your words will be crafted with a deep understanding of marketing psychology, and be curated for different placements and audiences across Social Media and our client’s websites.

Here’s an overview of the day-to-day:

  • Ideation and collaboration with clients and our account managers

  • Writing sales copy for advertisements, including social media ads and eCommerce websites.

  • Writing video scripts for video content production.

  • Writing blog posts and organic social media posts for our internal marketing.

  • Researching our client’s brands, products and customer avatars to gain a deep understanding of consumer psychology.

  • Create customer avatars to profile different audiences you’ll be advertising to.

  • Collaborate with our design team to ensure sales messages are communicated effectively through advertising creative.

What superpowers should you have?
  • Have a gut feeling for what words will resonate with your audience

  • Strong linguistic skills

  • Being able to adapt your writing style for different customers

  • Willingness to advance yourself through continuously learning about marketing psychology

  • Previous experience in short or long-form writing

  • A general interest in digital marketing and a basic understanding of how it works

  • Willing to work in a changeable, entrepreneurial environment as we grow

  • Receptive to mentorship

  • Invested in self-improvement

  • Able to self-teach from Google and Youtube when you get stuck

  • Passionate about producing outstanding creative work