Case studies

Here's what we've done for some of our clients...


Skincare brand

The Skincare Brand full Case study coming soon...

Blue and orange compression sock made by Stox Energy

STOX Energy

How we helped grow STOX from €1M in turnover to €5.1M. Facebook went from being unprofitable to becoming the primary acquisition channel for the business.

A cute little kid playing with Timio educational audio interactive toy


What do you do after raising €90K on Kickstarter? We took Timio from a cold start with 0 pixel data to €100k per month in online DTC revenue, supplementing the business’ high-street retail sales.

snowboarder wearing a goggle made by Blueprint Eyewear

Blueprint Eyewear

Find out how we scaled Blueprint to €148K in sales per month. We reveal our creative testing strategy that we used to mass test creative and scale our winners.

a woman in front of a laptop learning online

Coaching course

How we scaled from $29K/mo revenue @ 1.8 ROAS To $221K/mo revenue @ 2.02 ROAS.

Doggovinci case study coming soon cover


Doggovinci full Case study coming soon...

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